Eye Exams in Richmond VA

Contact Dr. Carl D. Outen to find out more about glaucoma and schedule your eye exam today. Glaucoma affects millions of people and is caused by a buildup of fluid in the eye. Identifying glaucoma and treating it is essential, as doing so early will prevent blindness. Glaucoma results from nerve damage in the back of the eye, typically caused by high eye pressure, which could lead to vision loss. Having an eye injury or being diabetic could cause this condition to occur, as can steroid use or being over the age of 40. Regular eye exams will assist in treating glaucoma early.

Drops will be used to enlarge the pupil so it's easier to see the nerve. Eye pressure can be controlled with eye drops or surgery. This disease is a lifelong condition and requires continual treatment to keep pressure at bay. Glaucoma can occur without any notable symptoms and develops over a lengthy period of time. The person may not even notice the gradual loss of sight. It's important to schedule regular eye exams with your ophthalmologist to reduce the chances of complete vision loss. This is doubly true if you have any of the risk factors.

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